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Holistic Pet is a pet food, supply and grooming store for dogs and cats. We have a fantastic selection of food for your beloved pets. Years of knowledge and expertise in pet nutrition and health helps us to offer dog and cat owners the widest possible selection of healthy foods, toys, treats, amenities along with information to help owners make good choices.

What should I feed my dog?

There are hundreds of brands of dog food on the market, so how do we choose what we sell?

First, we look for food brands that manufacture their own products. Manufacturing your own food allows for 100% control of the ingredients, recipes and safe manufacturing practices.

Next, we look for pet foods using quality ingredients. All pet diets should have "meat first" ingredient panels that are free from corn, wheat or soy. Some grains like rice, oatmeal or barley are great for most dogs, but we also carry "grain-free" diets. Consideration should also be given to the pet's age, weight and sensitivities or allergies to particular ingredients. We have diets for old dogs, young dogs, fat dogs or skinny dogs! We also have limited ingredient diets to help avoid what might be ailing your pet or blended protein diets that are great for rotational feeding. Raw diets are also available for those that want that option.

  "Great shop with super nice people. Plus the dog wash area is a great deal and it's clean. Finally, they're local owners actually providing an excellent service and good products you don't get from chains, and supporting local business is always nice." → Jason H.

Finally, we understand that everyone has a budget. We try to carry great foods at every price point. When measuring cost, there are factors to consider besides price. Feeding guidelines are important because premium pet foods are often more nutrient dense and require less food per feeding. This means your bag will last longer, making your cost per feeding lower. Also, better nutrition means pets are less likely to need extra visits to the veterinarian; less visits, less cost!

Be sure to check for the availability of a frequent buyer program. Most foods we sell offer programs where you get a free bag after a certain number of purchases. When you figure your cost per year, these programs will significantly lower your costs. Most on-line, big box or discount retailers don't have these programs.

What should I feed my cat?

All of the commentary for what to feed dogs is true for cats with a few important additions. Cats have a few needs dogs don't!

First is Taurine. Dogs and Humans make their own Taurine which is an essential amino acid that helps process fat. Cats will get very sick and eventually die without Taurine. Most foods for cats contain Taurine and we mention this more for the owners who say their cat likes their dog's food better! Just remember there is no Taurine in dog food!

Cats also need moisture in their diet. Cats in general don't tend to drink enough liquid which leads to many issues including Urinary Tract Infections and Crystals. Your cat may drink plenty, but for those who don't a wet food can be important in a cat's diet. We carry dozens of brands of wet food in several different sizes. Consider how many cats you're feeding as wet food comes in sizes from 3 ounces to 12 ounces and refrigerated wet food isn't as great as fresh! Some canned products are made in the USA, but don't be afraid of food made in Canada or Thailand. Many foods containing seafood are made in Thailand because this is where the fish are harvested.

Protein! Cats need more than dogs. Most premium cat foods contain protein levels in excess of 30% and some over 40%. If you have a breed that is very muscular and active, higher protein may be necessary. Foods near 30-35% protein are great for most cats. Finally, remember that cats, unlike dogs, would prefer to eat 6 times a day whether the sun is up or not. This requires planning for when to offer wet food and when to offer dry food or when to put out raw food if you chose that option.

Have questions? Feel free to ask us we are always willing to answer.